Windows Hide


Invisible! Pro  v.3.0

Invisible! Pro enables you to rename Recycle Bin to any name; clear your desktop with one click; minimize, restore or close all windows; hide or show all desktop icons. fast exit from windows: just one click to shutdown or reboot windows.


uuAssistant is util for daily work. With uuAssistant you can new or view your note(memo, ToDo) with password protected on occasionly. Or record the time of startup or shutdown time of windows. Hide/show current windows, or set the selected window


UltraHide  v.7

If you are worried about doing something you shouldn't be, somewhere you shouldn't be, worry no more because there's UltraHide.

Hide My Windows: Christmas Edition

Hide My Windows is an effective tool for hiding your windows and applications away from prying eyes. With a quick keystroke or flick of the mouse, Hide My Windows will ferry away sensitive information from your desktop. Sure, you can minimize windows, but

Hide Windows Freeware Edition  v.1.3

Hide Windows - free program designed to hiding windows from unwelcome attention.

Fast Windows Hider

Fast Windows Hider allows you quickly to hide and unhide any windows, programs or group of them by pressing single hotkey or mouse click. This program is very useful for protection your privacy and help to keep your work, play or private information from

OneClick Hide Window  v.1 6

OneClick Hide Window helps you to hide all active program window immediately by click left&right mouse buttons. You can hide the browser windows, folder windows, applications windows, all windows in a flash time.

Free Hide Desktop App Tool  v.1.5.4

Free Hide Desktop App Tool is a free utility which allows you to hide windows app on the task list.

Quick Hide  v.2.0.3

Quick Hide allows you to lock up your computer to keep other users out. Some of the features include locking out Ctrl Alt Shift Z, automatically relocking if the computer reboots when locked, and more.


Stay on Top, Quickly Hide Open Windows. Working on something boring? Open a small video, check on tonights plans in messenger, listen to music to help ease the pain, Select them with ALTZ and they will always stay on top so you can always see them. Boss

HideAnyWindow  v.4.0

Hide Any Window is an hide windows software that allows you to protect your privacy and hide sensitive information from prying eyes in seconds - you can instantly hide windows and running programs from the desktop and system tray, mute sound, it is v

4t Tray Minimizer Free  v.5 52

Would you like to hide your favorite program instead of closing, because it is loading for a long time and you don't want to wait while it will be launched next time?

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